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Tuesday night was depressing. Francisco went to his shootenanny while Sharky and I stayed home, and I don't know about Sharky, but I was practically writhing in impatience for Francisco to get home so we could watch the MLS "Select" vs Real Madrid game. FINALLY he gets home and we sit down to watch it, only to find out there must've been a scheduling mixup of some kind, because what had recorded was part of an American football game. There are few things I loathe more than American football, so I was extra super crushed. I read about the match on the NYTimes this morning, though, and Real Madrid won 5 to 0, thus giving MLS Select the ruthless trouncing I was so hoping they'd get. So there's that, and it's great news, but I still wish I could've seen it.

My haircut yesterday went very well--everyone in the salon was happyhappy, and I brought a little hat and little coat for the tiny hooks (had brought a little hat last time and hung it on the hooks but then stupidly forgot to take a picture of it) and made sure to take photos of them both. I think I was a bit rash in asking my hairdresser to take a couple of inches off, though--it seems a little too short to me--but it still looks pretty good.

And then last night, this happened. I don't know what it is about our house and reptiles/amphibians, but it's something, for sure.

Today is Sharky's first day of high school, and yesterday afternoon he and Francisco were at the Walmart and Sharky saw a lunchbox he thought was funny. Francisco bought it for him and when I got home Sharky proudly displayed it to me: it is pink with a picture of Barbie on the front. I love that he thinks the lunchbox is hilarious (since it is), and of course I fully support the idea of him taking it to school, but I am also a little nervous for him today because I know what gigantic assholes high school students can be. If Sharky was able to cop and maintain the right attitude about the lunchbox, then I'm sure it'll go over well, but if he lets assholes intimidate him, he might be having a bad day, so I'm worried. I asked him what he thought he'd say if someone made fun of the lunchbox, and he thought a second before coming up with "jealous??" It's a pretty good comeback, but hopefully he's feeling snappy today, because I think he's going to need more than that.

A couple of weeks ago when the boss was on vacation, one of my coworkers heisted the enormous box that had been sitting on his office floor--it had been there for a week prior to the time he left on vacation. She did this because our Employer gives us stuff when we've worked here for multiples of 5 years, and she had a crystal vase in that box that was hers because she's worked here 15 years. Our boss is notoriously lax about giving his employees their multiple-of-five-years crap (I didn't get my stupid 5 year keychain until I'd worked here for 6 years--it sat in his office for a whole year), and my coworker wanted her damn vase, already. Three other people had stuff in that box too, so my coworker distributed everything and put the box in her trunk. We were sure the boss would never notice, since he's pretty unobservant, and we also Hoped he wouldn't notice, because if he knew she gave the stuff out, he'd be mad because he thinks it's his bossly duty to distribute it in a grand and magnanimous fashion. Today, incredibly, he asked his secretary, "Where's that big box that was in my office?", and she pretended not to know. When the boss went to lunch, my coworker went and got the box from her car, put her vase back in it, taped the box up, and put it back in the boss's office. He hasn't opened the box or even mentioned it, so it might be awhile before she gets her vase back. What I think we should do is, after he opens the box and gives her the vase (grandly; magnanimously), we should take the box again, put some stuff from his desk in it (framed photos, his stapler, his computer speakers), and tape it up to leave in his office. He'll be going around asking people if they've seen his speakers, but that'll teach him to neglect opening big boxes, right? Meh, probably not, but it would be funny.

SHARKY UPDATE: He just called to tell me his day went well--whew! He didn't go into a lot of detail, but he said he saw some friends from his junior high and the day was good. I asked if everyone liked his lunchbox and he said, "Yeah, I guess. I didn't get any negative comments." I am SO GLAD. Surprised, I have to say, because if some freshman guy had carried that into my high school on the first day, the jerks would've given him hell, but I'm EXTREMELY GLAD. Now I can relax.


Stanford Counterpoint's cover of No Doubt's 'Don't Speak', at Copy, Right?. I do Love me a good acapella cover; it's like a sickness.


PS CATIE: Crunchy nectarine? Blehhhhhhh. But it makes me happy that you thought of me! |


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