if "sweet" can make a comeback, anything is possible


Last night I was thinking about how slang changes and comes back around, because I'm sure you've observed that "awesome" is back after a long hiatus from its peak useage in the 80's, yes? After a great deal of reflection and quiet contemplation (plus one beer), I decided it's high time to bring back "boss", as in "your sound system is BOSS", or "we're having barbecue for dinner? BOSS". Does anyone want to help me revive boss? Because I can't do this all on my own, you know.

An update on Esther, for those of you who have interest: We took her to her vet appointment this morning and she got a bunch of x-rays which didn't tell the vet anything new, but Did cost a lot of money, so that's something. The vet said the spots on the lung could be mineralization of some of Esther's bronchia, from her having had asthma for so long, so I guess that's a possibility. Esther also had blood taken for a full blood panel/screening dealie, and hopefully the vet will be able to give us the results of that soon, because I think the blood tests are going to provide the clues needed to figure this weirdness out. Last night when I got home Esther was sleeping and her little face felt hot, so I think she had a fever, but I didn't confirm that by shoving a thermometer up her hiney--she had enough troubles. She cooled down later and ate a little, and then bugged Francisco all night long to get up and give her tuna. I'm not sure whether her resumption of the nighttime bugging is a good sign or what, but it wasn't fun. She did fine at the vet, other than the freaking out in the car on the way there and on the way back, poor thing.

I arrived at work shortly after noon today and was unable to park in our lot (shared with other buildings) because, as the policeman blocking the parking lot entrance explained/shouted to the woman in the car ahead of me, "We're not allowing anyone to enter the lot right now, because there's a strong smell of gas here. No one can enter the lot until we know what is causing the smell and have resolved the problem." Great; that's very comforting. I parked at our building instead, which technically I'm allowed to do, but there are only a few spaces so I usually park in the big lot.

Work today has been tiresome and I'm so glad I'm leaving in a few minutes to have a weekend. It's supposed to maybe snow again tomorrow afternoon (snowed last night but didn't stick on the roads), and I won't mind if it does. Being housebound sounds pretty good right now.

Oy, I don't have a head for writing today--sorry. Let's just quit for now and we'll pick it up again on Monday, okay? Have a good weekend!


PS Our office is getting a cappucinno machine! That is so boss.

PPS ...and so it begins. |


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