the power of prayer


I am so impressed by the amount and quality of prayerful beseeching y'all MUST have done yesterday afternoon, because get this: Liverpool not only beat Birmingham City, they gave them a trouncing such as I've never personally seen before. The final score was 7-0; one of Birmingham City's players described the game as "a right kick up the arse", and so it was. My Sami scored the first goal, two minutes into the game, and it just went from there. Hoo-boy, what a thing to see. Anyway, thanks everyone! I hope you're all free to work your magic again on Saturday, as Liverpool is playing the evil Everton, who are minions of the devil and must be stopped at all costs. I will put a sign-up sheet in the lobby; please write your name down if you'll be participating.

Remember that study Sharky's involved in with his friend, Ryan? There are phone follow-up interviews, which I knew about, but what I didn't realize is they have to talk to me on the phone as well as Sharky. So some girl calls last night and talks to Sharky, but then wants to talk to me DURING THE LIVERPOOL GAME and thank dog for Tivo. Anyway, what she wanted was for me to listen to her read groups of statements and then choose the one from each group that most applies to me. The first set was something like:

1 - I am not sad
2 - I am sometimes sad
3 - I am often very sad
4 - I am so sad I don't know what to do

And I'm not sure what it was about hearing her read those (her carefully dispassionate tone, maybe?), but when she got to #4 I was struck with The Giggles. I knew full well that it was both insensitive and inappropriate, but actually that only made The Giggles worse. She was giggling too but was saying, "Hey, this isn't funny", and I was all, "I know, I know!" Anyway, we managed to get through it and The Giggles fortunately went away after only a few groups of statements, plus she said at the end that I brightened her night. The moral of this story is....well there isn't one. No wait, yes there is: Don't participate in a research study because there's a chance you'll come off looking like an insensitive jerk, particularly when you tell the whole internet about it. *dusts hands*

I forgot to tell y'all that when I got home last Friday evening, Francisco asked me to look at his right eye. It was Very red. And itchy. Aieeee, pinkeye!! We decided that in the morning if his eye wasn't better (because there was a chance it could've just been some irritant, right?) he would call the student health advisory line to see what they thought. It was still red Saturday morning so he called and they told him it was probably pinkeye and he should wash his eye out every hour, and if it got worse he should call back so they could get him some antibiotic drops. We cancelled our trip to Minired's that day, due to not wanting to infect her and Non, but I hope we can reschedule and see them soon; it's been far too long. Anyway, he's been washing his eye out as directed, and the redness is almost gone now. I hope Sharky and I don't pick it up, but so far so good.

I heard Goldfrapp's 'Ride On A White Horse' this morning on the way to work, and am making it the Song of the Day. You can hear/download it via Resonator_Mag's Livejournal.

When I get home this evening Francisco and I are going for a walk, and then it's raviolis for dinner--omg I can hardly wait. I'm almost used to being constantly hungry, but not quite. The experiment continues to go well; I'm down 6 pounds, and counting.

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