The best thing I did this week during work hours, by far, is play Boggle during lunchtime yesterday with my BroCo [a.k.a. Sonny, but BroCo from now on]. He won, of course, and he got $3000 of my imaginary money. It was v. fun and well worth losing the fake money, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to win next time. The trick will be writing down all the questionable words so as to cancel them out if he also wrote them down. This I can do.

So, as much as I WANT to be a hardass with people who displease me, I can never seem to keep it up. Specifically, I wanted to stay mad at my second newest coworker, but eh, I just can't. I was plenty aggravated on Friday but after getting a little distance from the whole thing it was obviously just silly, and why have a cold working relationship over something silly? No reason I can think of. Therefore I have been throwing bits of friendliness her way, and it seems to be working. We just hired someone new who'll be starting at the end of the month and I'm glad we'll have someone else here to listen to second newest coworker's stories so that I won't have to. Because, just so we're clear, those stories are not getting any more interesting.

One of my favorite people [she knows who she is] sent me a flat character that's for her cousin's daughter's class project thingie, and I need to take some pictures of it around town and then send it on to someone else*. And my friends, I don't think you can imagine how badly I want to have this flat character "get arrested" and "spend some time in jail"--both entirely doable, what with Francisco's cop job. I am very very sad that I can't do this. Children, why must you be so sensitive and humorless? You should work on getting over that.

Francisco has spent most of the day making beer, and he's not done yet. He is also cooking one of my favorite dinners (in the crock pot), and I am looking forward to eating it. Otherwise this evening we will watch some good tv and then go to bed early. Francisco works tomorrow and gets up at like 4:30, which means I also get up about then. I like it. It will be extra handy tomorrow to get up that early, because I have to be at work early to set up a table at the spring orientation. Eh, it's not a bad gig.

This is all I can think of for now.


*Anyone want to participate? You also need to write a little bit about your town and etc. Let me know! |


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