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Esther woke Francisco this morning by shoving her cold pink nose inside one of his nostrils--he said it was an odd sensation. I accused her of trying to suck his breath. like those old wives tales say cats do to babies, and she gave me the innocent face. Before she woke him up that way, he and I were both awakened at some point during the early hours by a new friend. It seems a tree frog has taken up residence in the bush outside our bedroom window, and when it rains he croaks in happiness. His croak sounds like a cricket, or just a 'clickclickclickclick' noise, and it sounds like it's right in our bedroom, it's so loud. This morning I panicked at the noise, because I forgot all about the frog, and I thought it was Esther (at the foot of the bed), breathing her last. When I sat up and touched her she let out a curious, trilling 'meow?', and I was very relieved. I wish that frog would find a different place to live, though, because we cannot possibly have him there during the spring, when it's raining all the damn time. I need my sleep, in the spring especially.

Francisco called me this afternoon to tell me Boy was all excited to eat Eggo waffles for breakfast, because they bought some yesterday, so he was in the kitchen to get the waffles, and he yelled upstairs to ask Francisco if they needed to be defrosted first. Francisco said no, just put them in the toaster. So it was quiet for a few seconds and then Boy asked if Francisco wanted one. He said sure and came downstairs just in time to see Boy put a third Boca burger into the toaster. Apparently Boy had a temporary brain cloud and thought the Bocas were the Eggos. Boy said not to tell me about the incident, because then I'd post it here. He was right. See what happens?

We're closing the office in a few minutes--the boss called and said we could close up early. This is a good thing, especially because there's very little to do right now. No plans for the rest of the day, and no plans for tomorrow night. Francisco and I are hoping to go to Drag Bingo on Friday night, because Tammy Faye will be the special guest, but we're not sure if tickets are still available. If we can go, then That will be our New Year's celebration. Oh I hope I hope!

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