a short but heartwarming story involving Walmart and some bobble trim


Nothing really to talk about today but I forgot to say that when I went to the Walmart (I know, but it's less than 1/2 a mile away) last weekend to get white bobble trim for the stockings, I was standing in line behind a woman whose cart was piled high with bolts of fleece she needed to have cut. I had known I would need all my patience to shop there that day, so I brought it all, and I was prepared wait out the fleece cutting in a zenlike trance. The phone at the craft counter was ringing so I offered to answer it, and though the lady didn't take me up on that, she apparently was grateful because she decided to let me measure and cut the bobble trim myself rather than wait behind fleece lady for half an hour. The moral of the story is, offer to answer the phone, because they won't let you but they might allow you to cut your own bobble trim. The End.


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