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Yesterday after I wrote and posted my entry, I started to feel guilty about lusting after the hot, hot Ville Valo, when I have the World's Greatest Husband at home, but then? When I got home from work? I discovered Francisco had downloaded a bunch of pictures of Scarlett Johanssen (Juan, you're going to have to share her) and set them up as a slideshow screensaver on the living room computer. So we both have our celebrity crushes, as well as a very happy marriage. Goodbye Guilt, old friend.

And Hellllooooooo Holiday Stress! Somehow I wasn't expecting to see you this year, but then you kicked me in the head at 4:30 this morning and moved right on into my brain. Oh how I hate you, Holiday Stress. It helps that we skipped the gym this morning in favor of making some lists of things we need to do, but until those tasks are actually completed, you will be with me. I have accomplished some list items today, so I feel a little better, but still kind of stressy.

Okay, I just got back from the salon, and when I arrived there, my hairdresser was by the reception desk and she asked me if I had a little coat to hang up. I told her no, that I brought a little green sweater instead, since it's the holidays, and I hung it up on one of the little hooks. Then Dennis the receptionist came in from wherever he was and asked it I had a little coat, and I pointed to the sweater, at which time he asked if I brought my camera. I did and told him I'd take a picture after the haircut (which I did), and I was so pleased that he and the other salon people seemed to find the coat thing fun. It just goes to show if you can plow through the awkwardness of initiating a bizarre thing like hanging little coats on the salon key hooks, people might just hop on board the next time around. I'll email Dennis the picture tomorrow, for his collection. I'm still hoping he and I might become friends, but I don't want to push it.

I will not be posting the little sweater picture to my diary, because I'm out of D-land picture hosting space, but I can email it to anyone who would like to see it, or I could put it on Ofoto. I have made an Ofoto album for the sole purpose of showing you the little red coat picture from my last haircut, but I had to load 9 other pictures to the album also (or actually, maybe I didn't Have to, but I chose the 10 photo option and loaded 10 photos), so you can look at those also if you want. The first picture, the red coat, can be seen here. Don't worry that you're losing your vision--it's not you, it's the picture that's a bit blurry.

Ooh, speaking of poor vision, my eye care center recently sent me an announcement about a new doctor on the staff who specializes in (get this) Intraocular Lens Implantation and management of low vision patients. That's me! Did they hire her just for me? I'm pretty sure they did; don't contradict me. I made an appointment this morning for a check-up on January 18th, with that doctor specifically, and I am excited to see her. Why, you might ask, am I getting so worked up about this? Well, I'll tell you. When I was informed, a couple years ago, that I can't get Lasik because my vision is too bad, I was pretty damn crushed. But at the time the doctor told me that, he also told me about the interocular lens implantation thing, and that it would be FDA approved in a few months (which it was). I don't love the idea of having a lens inserted into my eyeball, but I DO love the idea of actually seeing things, so I just want to check into it and see if it might be an option for me. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to see things without lenses or glasses. I'm used to being blind and maneuvering via light and shadow at home, after I've taken my lenses out, but if I could see things clearly it would be a lifelong wish come true. I know that's horrendously cheesy (please feel free to point and laugh), but I remember when I was a kid my mom told me she was Sure there would be some way to fix my eyes in the future. I doubted her, to tell the truth, but it looks like she might've been right. I hope so--we shall see.

Anyhoo, my employer is having the annual holiday party today (all employees are invited, though I know the faculty has other, Better parties to go to, so they don't attend the big one) but I'm not going. It's raining today, and I wore the wrong shoes to walk up to campus, and also, the holiday party sucks. I didn't go last year either, and didn't feel I'd missed out--it's the same thing every year anyway. Meh.

Have you been watching Lost? Because I haven't missed an episode yet, and during last night's episode I thought for a minute they might be killing off Charlie for real. It would've been shocking (not to mention stupid, what with the 50 grillion fangirls who would immediately stop watching), but what television show doesn't strive for shocking? I'm glad he came back to life, though, because he's an entertaining character. He's not my favorite (Hurley is my favorite, and I also like Sawyer a lot) but he's pretty good. Oh, and the actress who plays Kate? Did an Excellent job with the crying. She and her 3 stock facial expressions had been irritating me for the past few weeks, but when she was sobbing in last night's episode I decided I would have to reevaluate her. Bitch almost got Me going, she was crying so well. Touche, madame. Touche.

My hair looks stupid, like it always does when it's just been cut. I think the stupidness is magnified this time, too, because my hairdresser misted it with something I later found out to be hairspray. This means it's kind of frozen in stupidness. Fortunately I won't be seen by many more people today. I hate hairspray--have I ever mentioned that? Yuck.

Bye now.
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