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This morning Francisco was making me some toast (he's so sweet) and when it popped up I was going to butter it but he beat me too it. I had to raise an eyebrow, though, at his choice of buttering implement--a small spatula--because he LOVES spatulas and has started using them for everything; it's getting ridiculous.

ME: A spatula?
HIM: What? It's the perfect implement.
ME: I'm surprised you don't wipe your ASS with a spatula
HIM: Are you assuming I haven't?


So, yesterday before I left for the eye doctor, I heard my next-door coworker shriek, and I rushed in there to find her cowering. "There's a BIRD in here!" she said, pointing a trembling finger at one of her windowsills. And sure enough, a little brown bird was sitting there looking a bit panicked. She has a small balcony attached to her office, so I opened the door and was propping the screen door open when she did that shrieking thing again and dove for the floor--I didn't realize she was so agile. It had flown past her and into her other window, the poor thing. She crawled out of her office and I inspected the bird. It looked pretty stunned--beak open and panting--but wasn't bleeding, so I tried to gently cup it in my hands to put it outside, but it was clinging to the carpet with both feet. I managed to gently detach it but then it flew just enough to escape me. It escaped me over and over again but eventually it landed on something other than the floor, so I picked that thing up and carried it out to the balcony, bird and all. I closed the screen door and left it, and a couple of minutes later it was looking better (beak closed) and not long after that it flew away. It had gotten into the office through someone else's open window, and I'm pretty sure it won't make that mistake again. Just call me Eva The Bird Saviour.

No, really--call me that; I'd like it.

I had a lot of fun at the eye doctor, which is to say I had very little fun but was amused for several minutes by an overheard conversation between medical office employees, about which club they're going to tonight and what they're going to wear. Oh, and when I was in the waiting room, I decided to take a surreptitious photo of some strangers, so I turned off the camera flash and put the lense in stealth position. I was pleased to have gotten away with it until I loaded the photo onto the computer to discover....

I went to the eye doctor today...

...they were ONTO ME THE WHOLE TIME. Busted. Oh well. My eyes are still in good shape (other than being damn near blind, of course), and I had a great time wearing the super trendy sunglasses the eye doctor provided to wear with my glasses:

I am fiiiine

The drive home was interesting, as everything was totally blurry, but luckily I didn't crash so I could take a picture of my dilated pupils in the bathroom at home:

dilated pupilzz

It wore off in a few hours and today I'm 100% back to normal. Let us all rejoice.

I got a new computer (at work) this afternoon, and it took a long time for the computer guy to do all the necessary stuff to it, so I got almost nothing done today, because he was supposed to come in at 10 with it, and I kept holding off on starting anything time consuming. Blech, I hate feeling so unproductive, but I do like this computer, so I guess it evens out.

This weekend I'm going to repot one of our plants, and Francisco and I are going to buy warm tracksuits so we have no excuse not to go out and exercise in the bitter cold before work. I will also do cleany things and projects from my List and maybe finish off the roll of black and white film I have in the Smena so I can get it developed. I'd like to go home now, but the computer guy is still working on someone's computer and I need to wait so I can lock the deadbolt on the back door. Argghh, hurryhurryhurry, I want my damn Friday cocktail!

Have a great weekend,
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