I don't know how I became such a master makeup artist, but I must be, otherwise I would never have been able to hide the giganto zit forming on my chin today. It's one of those stealthy underground ones, which I'm fortunate to get only rarely, but still--Unpleasant. I've got the pms and it's manifesting itself through increased hunger and this heinous, land-grabbing chin zit. Fortunately this dark time shall pass, but it would be nice if it'd hurry up a little.

Do you ever say things to people except not out loud? Kind of like you're trying them out in your head before you decide whether or not to say them? On Monday morning at the gym, Jeremy Northam arrived at the gym several minutes before his weightlifting friend, Otto, and he kept glancing at the door to see if Otto was arriving. He started using the machine right next to the one we were using, and in my head I said to him, "If your friend doesn't show up, you can lift weights with us--we're really fun." Otto then arrived with his young girlfriend (wife? whatever), prompting me to say to Jeremy Northam (in my head, of course), "Oh look--there's your friend.....and his NIECE." Jeremy Northam went away to greet Otto and The Niece and I relayed my imaginary conversation to Francisco who told me it was a good thing I rarely said the stuff I try out in my head. And he's right except I think Jeremy Northam would've enjoyed the imaginary conversation, and I think I shouldn't be such a conversational coward.

Oh, and at the gym yesterday morning, there was a small yellow construction paper star on the mirror next to the "NO KIDS ON MACHINES" sign. It hadn't been there on Monday, and what I liked about the star is that it said: BIG EARL. The mystery of that makes me happy.

Have you watched House? Atomic talked about it a couple of months ago, and we are totally hooked on that show now. It's so good! It combines medical oddities/mysteries (which is one of my passions) with excellent dialogue and Hugh Laurie--how could this formula lose?? It couldn't, that's how. I can't remember what channel it's on, but it's on on Tuesday nights, and I highly recommend checking it out.

I have a question. I heard a song this morning on my second favorite radio station but I missed the dj saying what it was, and was too chicken to call and ask. It was a spoken word song, and at first I thought it was William Shatner, but then realized, 'no, that's not his voice', so I don't know who it was, though the guy sounded a tiny bit Robert Evans-esque. ANYWAY, the song basically told some wild story involving traveling with George Kennedy and blah blah blah, George Kennedy rushed into a burning building to rescue people but it was a pet store so he freed the pets, and the speaker decided to take the part in that Bill Shatner movie, and it was very weird. Does anyone know anything? I liked the song and couldn't find out a damn thing from the lazy internet.

That's about all I have to report for today. In a little while I'll go home and have dinner with my mens and the cats (though the cats won't be eating the dinner so much as begging for it) and I will hopefully sleep for a really long time because tomorrow's a gym day and 5:30 in the a.m. comes as an awfully rude shock.

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