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People, people! Miles, a friend to all the nations, pointed out Better Propaganda to me today, and I'm going to pass it along to you. I knew nothing about the site, but it's like 3hive except with fewer genres and more artists. I downloaded almost 40 mp3s this morning and among them were 3 from a guy named Wesley Willis, whose songs had me giggling like a maniac. As I told Miles in an email today, Wesley Willis's songs sound like he sat down with a Casio keyboard and a tape recorder and just went for it. I urge you all to go download and listen to these songs, for they will make you joyful with their crazy, offkey simplicity, and you will want to start a fan club. Check out Better Propaganda--es muy bueno.

So, we saw Minired and her husband on Saturday and that was fun. We had a long lunch with them and Minired's friend, Sibby (who I found out used to not only compete in demolition derby, but used to win, which is very very cool), and then went to a fabulous store and browsed around in there for probably an hour or so. After that, back to Sibby's for coffee and more chatting, and then we had to drive back home (2 1/2 hours). It was great to see them and hopefully they'll come out for Thanksgiving this year, but no pressure. While we were driving on Saturday, we saw 3 horrendous minivan and personalized license plate combos that grossed us all out. License plate #1 said "5 HILLS". License plate #2 (identical minivan as #1 but different color) said "PROGRAMR". License plate #3 said "5 GATORS". Yuck.

I spent way too much time yesterday afternoon messing around with my Scotland pictures--a little cropping, and some switching to black and white. Not too many were ultimately converted to black and white, because it would be criminal to do that with all the gorgeous green fields and whatnot, but there were a few pictures that benefitted from being converted, and there were lots of pictures I tried it out on, to see what it would look like. I tell you, I love, love, love taking pictures, and if I thought I could make a living doing it, I so would. This morning I tried to get a picture of the crazy, elusive spider that spins a web every night at the corner of our house and then dismantles it and goes into hiding in the motion-sensitive light (which Francisco disconnected a couple years ago, so no light) when the sun comes up. It's the same spider whose web I walked through a couple weeks ago, and I got a few pictures of it, but none of them show the spider very clearly. I suspect the spider might be a black widow, based on some reading I've done today (my skin is crawling), and tomorrow morning I'm going out with a flashlight while it's still dark and the spider is still on the web, to find out for sure. I'm all for live and let live with outdoor spiders, but that spider is too close to one of Boy's bedroom windows, so if it's a widow or a recluse, I'm afraid it'll have to go.

I have more I could say, but I'm having trouble concentrating, and plus, I want to go home.


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