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Oh people, I am so, so tired. I'm not sleeping well and I'm tired and full UP with anxieties, and today I checked one of the Dalai Lama's books out of the library, because I need some wisdom or I am going to Lose It. The best thing about this whole not sleeping/high anxiety deal is there's no reason for it. Nothing bad has happened or is pending (that I know of); I'm just slowly going crazy for no reason. It's so great to be me sometimes! But hey, on the bright side I have decided to make sweaters for Christmas for all my nieces, and today I saw patterns for matching sweaters for Lou and her American Girl Doll. A little bit this concept hurts my feelings, but I am absolutely going to make them, because Lou will love them (I don't know how the doll will feel about it). Nieces are good medicine for hard times.

Normal Things I Have to Talk About:

Our office has a little kitchenette and people have stocked it with plates/bowls/utensils from thrift stores and dollar stores. I have a favorite spoon; it is the perfect size and weight and I always look for it when I go to eat my lunch (assuming it's a spoon-type lunch). Problem is, it's such a clearly superior spoon that it's sometimes in use when I need it, and this is sad-making. Solution: A couple weeks ago I was at a thrift store and bought two spoons that are a good size and weight, to put in the office kitchenette. Francisco was with me and is aware of The Spoon Conundrum, so I reported back to him later in the week that the decoy spoons were working out well. He told me he thought I'd be using those spoons and I told him I WOULD use them if I had to, but that I had mainly bought them so other people would use them and would leave my favorite spoon alone. He thinks that's weird. Is that weird?

So, now that we've finished up all the dvd seasons of Weeds, we've started on Mad Men. We really like it and Homegad I so love looking at all the clothes and furniture and swanky accessories. This weekend we watched all the episodes we had and watched a special feature on the dvd about the making of the show. It was pretty interesting and I was excited to see Christina Hendricks [I love her and her voluptuousness and her amazing costumes] knitting during a break. And not just knitting, but knitting proficiently, in the continental style. I really must learn how to do that; it is so much faster. I'm super curious about what she was making, but alas, there is little chance I'll find out. If only she was on Ravelry. Hello Christina Hendricks--you should be on Ravelry!

This weekend we acquired a few things. 1) Rosetta Stone South American Spanish, levels 1-5. It was not cheap but we've been talking for months about getting it, and there was a sale and also we bought it on Valentines Day, so we're calling it our gift to each other. Purchase justified! 2) A round coffee table, at the antique store. We aren't using it as a coffee table, per se--it's in the corner of the living room, flanked by the couch and loveseat. I love that table and am happy we bought it. 3) A one month subscription to Liverpool FC tv. We plan to get a year subscription, but want to be sure it's worth it, first. 4) Christmas presents, from the thrift stores and an antique store. I know it might seem crazy to be Christmas shopping in February, but I have a large bin for Christmas gifts in the garage, specifically so that when I see a thing someone would like I can get it and have a place to put it. I bought the first gift for Christmas 2010 at the end of December 2009. Boom! I don't think my parents are really interested in secondhand/handmade Christmas (they bought new gifts for us last year), so for them I will be shopping retail throughout the year, though it's a lot less fun/interesting.

I think that's all I have to tell you right now. I hope you're having a wonderful day.




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