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I've been forgetting to keep track of the change I find and pick up, but when I was in Eugene a couple weeks ago I found more than a dollar in change on the floor of a dressing room (was trying on bras). I picked it all up and was able to put it into a tip jar ten minutes later when I got coffee. Other than that I haven't found much change, but once I went into the bathroom at work and there was a penny on the floor. I said, out loud, "Oh no, Universe. Really? Come on, not in the bathroom". But of course I picked it up, cringing as I did so, and washed it when I washed my hands. At this point I'm too superstitious to break my promise to the Universe. I'm afraid if I do, either Francisco or I will get laid off or something else will happen to reduce our income. One doesn't want to look ungrateful, you know. Especially in these financially troubled times

Have I mentioned that Francisco is a freak who gets home and takes off all his cop gear and then puts on regular clothes (instead of pajamas) including A BELT? Who wears a belt when they're just going to be in the house? Francisco, that's who. I make fun of him about this belt fixation all the time, so yesterday when he took off his uniform, he put on pajamas and I was happy he'd chosen comfortable clothes. But then? When he took off his clothes as he was preparing to get in bed? I saw he'd been wearing the belt under his pajama pants, just to get me. I laughed and laughed.

This weekend we finished Long Way Down. Loved it. With that one and also Long Way Round, I was so sad when we got to the end--I wanted them to go on and on. At the end of Long Way Down, during the celebration party in Cape Town, Ewan McGregor said something like "See you all in South America". I did a wee bit of googling and see that they're planning (tentatively, at least) to do Long Way Up this year, where they ride from Cape Horn up to California. Hoo boy I hope that happens, because I want to watch it. Also I hope someday they do a ride through Australia [Long Way Down Under?] because I want to watch that too.

Gotta run!




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