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Hey, guess who's going to Hawaii after all? That's right, it's us. You are very smart people; there is no tricking you. We got our tickets last night and we'll be there December 1 to December 17--I can hardly wait! We paid extra miles to fly first class, which I've never done unless you count that 90 minute flight I was in first class on a crappy airline, after their bad schedule made me miss my connecting flight and I flirted my way to an upgrade. That was a long time ago and that first class experience was super disappointing; I trust this one will be better. Anyway, in Hawaii our plan is to snorkel and hike and smell the flowery air and swim and ride horses and kayak and eat sushi until we're almost dead. I'm so glad we have our 20th anniversary as an excuse to take this trip. Hooray for marriage!

Oh OH! AND the snorkeling will give me an opportunity to use that underwater camera I bought at the thrift store for $3 a couple years ago. I Knew it would come in handy someday. Purchase: Vindicated!

That's really all I had to tell you today.




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