the bees want my son to dehydrate


A couple days ago I got a text from Sharky that said, "I'm on my way to pick up Jordan from the airport in Portland. I thought you would like to know I stopped at a rest stop to get a drink but there was a bee at the vending machine and it wouldn't let me. Seriously!" Oh man, I laughed and laughed. Incidentally, not that anyone remembers, but this is the same Jordan he was friends with the whole time we lived in NC. I'm not sure what the exact plan is at this point, but Jordan might be moving to Eugene to be roommates with Shark and my brother. Jordan has some reasons for wanting to leave NC, hence the possible move far away. It sounds like Jordan will be a better roommate than Owen was--they started having major problems with Owen and he moved out in a huff.

Things I'm excited about:

Esther is eating food and drinking water again and is more or less back to her old self. Huge relief! We were worried, because even a few days after getting her antibiotic shot, she was still drinking almost no water. Stubborn old girl.

World Cup! I've got Tivo picking up all the televised games and I can hardly wait to be watching them.

Feeling better! I know I said I wasn't going to talk about my health anymore, but apparently I'm a liar, because I'm feeling so much better and I wanted to tell you so. Things aren't 100% back to normal yet, but the only foods that seem to still be a digestive problem are beans and legumes. So I'm avoiding those for now and will try them out again in month or two. I can't tell you how happy I am to be feeling almost normal again; it is a huge blessing.

Weekend! Work is super stressful, so the weekends are extra awesome right now.

Knitting! This weekend I'm going to start my first pair of socks, and it's always fun to try a whole new thing. My mom gave me two sock yarns (enough for two pairs) a long time ago, so Finally I'm going to make socks as The Lord intended (The Lord being my mother in this case).

The Wire! We are so in love with that show right now. All episodes are at the top of our Netflix queue (in order, of course) and those discs are flying in and out of our house at record speed. It's an unbelievably good show, although it hurts my feelings when bad things happen to the people I like, which HAPPENS TOO OFTEN, WIRE WRITERS.

Francisco is back on day shift, which means I'm seeing a lot more of him. It is also translating to super early bedtimes, especially if he's the 4:00 am guy; in that case he goes to bed at 7:00 pm. I've been going to bed quite early also (even earlier than my normal 9:00 pm), but I like getting up early and feeling rested and ready to take on the day. The part of super early bedtime that feels wrong is that it's still broad daylight outside when we're getting in bed. There's no telling what amazing things we're missing out on by going to bed when it's still light out.

The weather is still oddly cool for this time of the year, and still rainy, but I did manage to wear sandals most days this week. I gave away all my sandals except my red Danskos, and bought a pair of black Danskos and a pair of Clarks slides. I think these three are all the sandals I will need this summer. I figure it's better to have three comfortable and cute pairs than several that don't fit right and that I never wear because they hurt my feet. OMG did you hear that? I think that was the voice of reason! Kill it kill it!

I just had to take a break from writing to rescue one of my student coworkers from a guy at the front desk who was throwing a little tantrum about not wanting to turn in some information because he didn't have it with him. He was saying he didn't see why we should need it, and I explained why but he was getting so angry and assholey that I had to foist him off on our director, who was just off the phone with another assholey person. I felt bad about passing him on, but I could tell that he was not going to accept my authority on the matter, so I could either argue with him forever or have the person here with the ultimate authority tell him what's what. I tell you, I would not be the director for any amount of money in the world.

Okay, I gotta call some folks back. Have a great weekend!



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