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Not a lot to say again, but I wanted to note that the bed Francisco and I sleep in has been divided into named regions. There's Foot Valley, USA, which is where Francisco's feet go (and where Esther would like her body to go), Cuddle Country, which is the area directly to my right, where Esther likes to get under the covers and snuggle, and Elbow Junction. Elbow Junction is directly on Francisco's left, and it's where he leans on his elbow and falls asleep while reading, practically every night. I should probably name the area to my immediate left--it's the place Lucy lays all night, every night, but I haven't come up with anything yet. Stubborn Heights, maybe?

Hey, I just found a site (on accident) where you can read 'Brokeback Mountain'. As mentioned yesterday, I love that story--if you want to read it, go here and scroll down a tiny bit.


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