the tiger and the alligator....are they not brothers?



About once a year I get a hankering to make t-shirts, or rather to take already made t-shirts and put words on them. I never really go through with it, but it's fun to think about. Currently I'm thinking how I'd like to make shirts with advertising jargon on them, specifically the small-print things we hear constantly and which have therefore ceased to really Mean anything. A couple of examples would be "limited time offer" and "void where prohibited". I have a whole list of potentials and am on the lookout for more, because who knows? Maybe I'll actually follow through with the shirts this time.

I forgot to say that last week Francisco bought a whole wad of warty gourds, because he knows how much I like them. They're in a bowl on the kitchen table, and they are ever so warty. And festive!

Today I either apparently look very cute, or I usually look so hideous that any improvement bears remarking on. I'm wearing a black skirt with white embroidered flower outlines (TJ Maxx), and a black long-sleeved shirt with a little front left shoulder keyhole cutout with ties, and obviously that's a very poor description, but it's the best I can do. The shirt is from Target, because I'm an equal opportunity shopper and Target frequently has cute things. For shoes it's the bulbous toe mary janes with the high heels that I got from Ross. Oh, but you know, I really don't like Ross much, so I'm not sure I can really call myself an equal opportunity shopper. They DO have a decent selection of shoes in my size--a ten--which is why I sometimes go there. So there's the outfit, and EVerybody has complimented it. Clearly I need to be trying harder on a regular basis with the wardrobe.

On Monday morning we got a little film of our niece, via email, and we laughed until we cried. It was a two minute film of her and the rocking horse her grandma gave her, and holy crap, she is the funniest kid ever. First she was bouncing it when standing next to it, and then she climbed on and was standing on its back, bouncing. Then she got into riding position and proceeded to rock violently back and forth, her hair swinging all crazy-like. For the finale she started a frenzied bouncing up and down, going so high up she almost took flight. We were dying. We're not sure how her dad was able to film without cracking up, but I'm glad he did, because Man, that's a good film.

I just realized I never talked about last Thursday's Survivor, but here is my analysis: BWAhahahahahaaa! I love that the Morgan tribe is getting trounced so thoroughly, though I'm sorry the scout leader lady got voted out, because I sort of liked her. This season of Survivor is really good. The challenges are good, the premise (meaning how they were dumped out of the boat without anything but the clothes they were wearing, plus their sneakers) was good, and it's just all around better than it's been in a long time. I hope tomorrow's thrilling episode features more of Morgan being crushed under the wheels of Drake's juggernaut. And more of skirty Rupert, because that dorky guy cracks me up. The CBS website has some good teasers for tomorrow's episode, but that's probably just advertising--they always make things look more interesting than they actually are.

Uch, it's the second in command boss's birthday today, which is the not "uch" thing--the "uch" thing is that there's cake and ice cream at 4:00 for the occasion. I wouldn't mind it at all if people would leave me the hell alone about not having any, but they always have to comment. When my birthday rolls around next month I'm going to demand devilled eggs instead of cake, because Those I can eat, and they're gooooood. I know there must be people who don't like devilled eggs, but I don't know any of them, so my coworkers wouldn't be upset about the no cake thing, or they shouldn't be. Whiners.

So that guy who kept the tiger and the alligator in his apartment--how nutty is that? I'm glad the animals have gone to better places, but why in the world would someone have them in the first place? What would make a person think it's a good idea to have a tiger OR an alligator, let alone both? It's a crazy world; somebody oughta sell tickets.

West Wing and Angel tonight, and this time we're making sure Angel will record, because I'm not missing it again, esPEcially with Spike just back from the dead/amulet. If our vcr messes up again (which it didn't last week--that was our fault--but it's messed up a couple times in the last few days), I'ma throw it through the window.


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