the no barf patch


Dear Internet,

I give people too many chances sometimes, and trust where I shouldn't, and it has recently been driven home to me that if I trust a person who always puts their pride ahead of my feelings, I'm going to get burned. Fool me once, shame Fool me twice........................I can't get fooled again! This is my March Resolution--I'll let you know how it goes.

This was a pretty good weekend. Francisco and I spent hours on Saturday and Sunday driving around winding roads, to test out the motion sickness patch he wheedled out of his doctor. He gets terrible car-sickness, see, and this could be a Huge problem for him when he's just starting out in Police and will have to ride with other people. So I drove him around and gave that patch a thorough testing--he even tried reading in the car--and EUREKA, it works! Hopefully our pharmacy will be able to make a successful case with our insurance company that they should pay for his patches, because the straight cost is $10 per patch. One patch is good for only 3 days, so as you can see, this would run into some money.

On Saturday the winding road experiment led us to Yakima, where we did some shopping and had lunch at the Mongolian Grill we always go to. One place we went was Walmart, but the sole reason for going there is I'm still trying to find the underpants I like to wear to bed--they are Fruit of the Loom string bikini, and none of the stores in town have them, plus Target in Yakima also does not have them. So we tried Walmart (HATE) and they don't have them either. Am I going to have to order these underpants from the internet?? It's looking like it (the pairs I have are starting to wear out), and that. is. Sad. We also went to Value Village, and Francisco found some things but I did not, despite my best efforts. It's okay, though, because yesterday I bought a super cute skirt from Goodwill that I washed and am wearing today. It's black with white embroidery and white sequins and it makes me feel like a PRIN-cess! [that was supposed to be sing-songy, by the way. how does one punctuate for sing-songy? Max, I'm looking to you for the answer.]

In other news, our furnace finally got fixed on Friday morning. I expected it to be fixed a couple days earlier than that, at Least, but no. It's so good to have it working again; I was DONE with that wood fire situation. I'm glad we have the wood stove as backup, but it's hard to imagine using a wood stove as a primary heat source, because lordy Lord that's a lot of work! And I was tired of going to bed smelling like a campfire, I tell you what.

I've started walking home for lunch the past few work days, and it's really nice to see Francisco for an extra hour per day. I'd been missing him, since he's gone Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, plus some weekend days, so this is a good way to get more Francisco time. Also, we can have Nooners, and there ain't NOTHING wrong with that. Life is looking up.

We've been thinking about putting off buying a house until Sharky graduates from high school (June of 2009, dog willing), even though we're not happy with the smallness of this house we're renting. If we wait until after he graduates, we'll have a wider range of locations we can consider, because we won't have to be in walking distance of his school. I mean, we don't Have to be in walking distance of his school anyway, but since we don't want to have to drive him to and from school, it's a consideration. What we were thinking we could do in the meantime would be get a smallish travel trailer (Airstream, Spartanette, or something aesthetically similar) that sleeps at least 4 that we could park in the driveway and use as guest quarters. If we made it cozy and hospitable inside, I can't see why it wouldn't work perfectly for guests to use. What we have now is an inflatable mattress to put in the tv room, and this is NOT ideal--I want to make people more comfortable than that if at all possible. If we had a bigger living room area, it would be better, but the smallness of the house combined with the inflatable mattress situation is dissatisfying. We're going to measure the driveway and see what size trailer it could accommodate. I've been looking at recent older trailers for sale (the older ones are way cuter), and they're pretty reasonable, especially if they need updating. I figure we'd want to redo stuff anyway, so if we need to do stuff like reupholster and paint, it'd be no big deal. The trailer would also be used for camping sometimes--it wouldn't just sit in the driveway--so we'd get a lot of use from it. Also? I love old, cute trailers. That is all.

I can't think of anything else to tell you except I've started getting a yen to sew again. I think I'll begin small and make a case for my knitting needles. I've been keeping them in gallon-sized ziplock bags, but if I made a case for them with little pockets, I could keep them sorted for easy access. And I think it could be a fun project, so I'm gonna do it, but probably I'll wait until Saturday the 17th, because Francisco is doing Police stuff that day. He's off Police again next weekend and I won't want to be hunched over a sewing machine when I could be hunched over him. Er....wait.




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