sometimes I sort of wish they WOULD go extinct


You know what's irritating about bananas? Their smell permeates everything. Whenever I bring a banana to work with me, and it touches my baglet of wheat thins for any amount of time (while I'm walking to work, say), my wheat thins end up tasting a tiny bit banana-y. I don't think I'm imagining this, since it always surprises me; it's not like I'm expecting it and am therefore more likely to think I taste something I don't, right? Am I the only one who has problems with banana pollution?

I'm a little bit mentally ill today, probably because my uterus is fixing to start cramping up any minute now. I wish it would hurry. This morning when the alarm went off at 5, I wanted to cry, but then I got up and got ready for the gym and the feeling passed. After we arrived at the gym and I saw the class I wanted to go to had already started (people aren't supposed to join classes after they've started), I wanted to cry again, and in fact may or may not have squeezed out a couple of surreptitious tears. But then I saw what they were doing in that class (a LOT of jumping around kinds of things, which I Hate), and I felt I'd dodged a bullet. I lifted weights and we went home and I remembered I had to make deviled eggs for the office potluck today, and a very little bit the cry feeling came back, but then I remembered I'm 38 and I should get over it already, and I made the eggs and all is well. Although while I was showering I unfortunately recalled that I will soon have to start doing presentations to groups of high school students and their parents, for my job, and I didn't cry but I feel the desire to cry hovering not so far beneath the surface of my calm exterior, and I just hope nobody is mean to me today because I fear I will weep weep weep. This is a true and complete accounting of my pre-8 a.m. crying near-misses, dated October 24, 2006. The End.

Yesterday afternoon at work something very exciting happened, though Francisco didn't seem to find it all that exciting. An electrician came over to replace the ballasts [wait. ballasts? let's say that's correct] in my fluorescent light, because I've been smelling an occasional hot tar smell in my office (nauseating), and apparently these ballast things make that smell when they start to go bad. Anyway, this electrician very obviously had the hots for me, in a respectful way, mind, and it's just been so long since anyone but Francisco had the hots for me that I found it extremely gratifying. Do you know, he even went so far as to leave a box of some kind of wire end covery things on my desk when he left, presumably so he'd have an excuse to come back and see me? I know it was on purpose because 1) he packed up all his other stuff and 2) when I noticed them I followed him out into the hall and gave them back, and he was not at all surprised to see them. I said something like, "Are these a bonus prize?", and he took them and said, "I was hoping to charm you with them". It occurred to me about an hour later that maybe he put a little note inside the box, and I'm kicking myself for not looking in there. Probably there was no note, but I wish I knew for sure. Anyway, it's not like I'm interested in this guy, since I'm married to the best man on the planet, but it was still kind of exhilarating to be admired for 10 minutes by a total stranger. It wasn't at all creepy like I just made it sound.

So here's a piece of potential but as of yet non news: Francisco is going to apply to be a cop here in town. He's going to take the test on November 4, and if the department creates a new postition (which they are likely to do), and they want to hire Francisco, he will have to do 4 months of cop school in Burien (just south of Seattle). He'll have to live over there in the cop school dorm during the week but will be able to come home for weekends. This is not worrying me yet, since we have no idea if it'll actually happen, but if he goes to cop school for 4 months I will miss him terribly. I'll keep you posted.

I'm going home now to eat dinner and watch the Queer as Folk boys: Excitement! We just got the next disk yesterday after a couple weeks of not having any; I am very pleased.




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