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Last night Sharky relayed to me the following conversation between one of his classmates and a teacher:

Teacher [to student with his hand down his pants]: Could you please stop scratching your testicles?
Student: I'm not scratching my testicles; I'm scratching my penis.
Teacher: Well how about you stop scratching your entire pubic region, then.

Things sure have changed since I was in high school.

While I was typing the above, I got a call from the state revenue board to say that I had classified my business incorrectly on the state business tax return and that the deduction I was claiming was not valid with them and also that I should be charging sales tax. The woman I was speaking to said that my business should be classified as retail and she rejected my argument, which was that it should Not be considered retail due to my not purchasing things from others to turn around and sell at a profit. She said she would be sending me out an Amount Due Notice and I barely restrained myself from saying I would send her back a Go Fuck Yourself Check. Great--I wonder how much THIS is going to cost me. I might just close the business down. It will be useful this year for the deductions I can take on the 2007 federal form (much more liberal re: business expenses), but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to pay the state anything, ever again. Those motherfuckers. I am super pissed.

Okay, time has passed and I am less angry, though still definitely irritated. In the meantime I have served my Desk Duty time and have had lunch with Sonny at the Japanese place across the street. I had a rice bowl that contained eel, which I LOVE, and that (and the pleasant conversation, of course) went a long way toward putting me in a better mood.

Something else that has helped quite a lot and which may actually end up eliminating my anger completely was getting an email from a friend who is writing a...shall we say...naughty? story. The email began "Is the phrase "Drain him like a sugar maple" too retarded?" I'm glad I wasn't taking a sip of water just then, because I would have spat it or maybe choked--as it was I laughed and laughed. She is a pure delight, that girl.

Today I am wearing, as a pendant, the tiny camera my sister gave me for Christmas. It suddenly occurred to me this week that I could bring the software (for PC--we have Macs at home) to work and install it on my computer here--et voila! The camera's a trick to work with, because the viewfinder is waaaay off, but it's fun and I'll see what I can do with it.

I'm not sure if I'm going back to my knitting group. I know I said I was going to say YES to things, but I did say YES to the group and went three times, and I didn't Not enjoy it, but I don't know. They're all pretty serious-minded people, and while I do care about serious issues, I'd also enjoy some chat about television or famous men with great asses. That kind of thing. So I'm thinking it over. I can't go to the group tonight, because our truck's in the shop and Francisco is back on graveyard shift as of today, and he'll have to leave for work before I'd get back from knitting group. And last Thursday I sent the group hostess an email to say I couldn't go that night, and I asked if the group was meeting the next week (today) but I never heard back. You know, I'm pretty sure I won't be attending anymore. Doesn't it sound that way to you?

This morning Francisco brewed up a batch of porter--the first batch of beer our household has constructed in two years at least. I'm looking forward to watching it percolate in the coming days, and to drinking it in about 3 weeks or so. Maybe 4.

Tonight I'm going home (with a stop to feed the kitties) and will tiptoe around until Francisco gets up, at which point we will eat the Manhattan clam chowder he is making in the crock pot. After that we'll probably watch an episode or two of Heroes, which we got from Netflix [we were supposed to get a Torchwood disk, but for some reason that didn't get sent DAMMIT], and then I'll get ready for bed while Francisco gets ready for work. I've been thinking I should try doing maybe a half hour of yoga before bed, and then getting up at 5:30 instead of 5:00 to use the treadmill, so I think I'll start that thing tonight. I officially don't like Francisco's graveyard shifts, but unofficially I kind of enjoy being able to get up when I want to and turn on the light and make a little noise, without worrying I will wake him up. That tiny bit of extra freedom is the only thing that makes up for having him gone during the night.

I'm pretty much done here.




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