bad time to diet


The last person executed in Texas (on 9/10) ordered the following last meal:

Two bacon double cheeseburgers, French fries, onion rings, ketchup, cole slaw, two diet Cokes, one quart of milk, one pint of rocky road ice cream, one pint of fried okra, salad dressing, tomato, and onion.

Now, what stands out about that meal? If you said the two diet cokes, you're right. Why get diet coke on the last night of your life? Probably he didn't think about it when he ordered, because if he had, I bet he'd have gotten the regular kind.

I got my hair cut during my lunch hour and I think it's a good cut. Hard to tell right now, but tomorrow when I wash and dry it, I'm thinking it'll look really good. My hair cutter lady was telling me how spoiled her niece is and how she wants a my twin doll for xmas, but she's not getting one. I think those dolls encapsulate just about everything that's wrong with America. I tried to create a doll that looked just like me, on that website, thinking they would show me what it would look like before I'd have to commit to buying it, but no dice. Those things are ridiculous!

Lots of stuff to do this weekend, including shopping for bras and shoes and more xmas decorations, and plus I need to start on my ornament swap ornaments. Also, at some point soon I need to do my square of my sister's huppa--I just got it in the mail yesterday and she needs it back by 12/15 so it can be sewn together with the other squares. Not sure yet what I'm going to decorate my square with, but I'm sure inspiration will come to me.

The Boy has a cold and he's home today due to a teacher workday. Apparently he's pretty mopey because Francisco put the kibosh on him going over to his friend's house, so I'll try to pamper him tonight and this weekend, to let him know he's adored. I mean, he Knows we love him, but sometimes when you're sick, you just want to be babied. Right? Fortunately I'm in the mood to baby him.

Last night I got home about 5 minutes before Francisco, who arrived bearing 2 cases of red wine. 2 cases! One of the cases was of demi-bottles, which are perfect for weeknights when you don't want more than one glass, so it's not like we're Total drunks. Francisco recently read an article about the chemical in red wine that's been proven to contribute to longevity, and the scientists who did the research say they all drink a glass of red wine every night, so Francisco wants us to do the same. I have no problem with that idea.

Gotta run off--have a great weekend!

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