sewing is not one of my talents


On Sunday I hauled out my sewing machine and was determined to do a big sewing blitz and get several different projects done. I started with the felt advent calendar (depicting a calendar and a xmas tree--ornaments are taken one per day from the calendar and pinned onto the tree--this is something we had when I was a kid and I wanted to make my own), thinking it would be simple, but it took me all afternoon. This is mainly because I messed it up several times and had to keep improvising fixes for it. It got done but nothing else did, so the sewing machine is still on the kitchen table, waiting. I still have a couple different gifts to make that involve sewing, and one will be easy and the other not as easy but not too difficult. Yesterday at lunch I started a knit hat and worked on it a bit in the evening and then finished it up this morning before work. So I can check that off my list, and maybe I can do a little sewing in the morning tomorrow or Friday, if Francisco will be up anyway and won't be disturbed by the noise. I want to mail everything next week, so this weekend will be pretty busy, but not in a bad way. I love Christmas.

The Boy has been IMing with that girl he likes and he gets a little blushy sometimes when he gets her messages. I want to dislike that girl for some reason. I guess I'm concerned she might just be playing with his affections and will end up breaking his heart, but there's nothing I can do about it if that's the case. If I ever meet her (unlikely) I'll be nice and she won't ever know I want to dislike her, unless she breaks my baby's heart, and then it will be ON.

Francisco and I walked to the Whole Foods at lunch to get a few things and the buddha hands were all gone. I knew they would be; it was my own fault for not going back right away to get one. But I'll keep a lookout in case they get more in stock.

Francisco is making meat loaf tonight, with spicy tomato sauce--both Alton Brown recipes. We have Tivo picking up all the Good Eats episodes, and we're seeing a lot of shows we've never seen before. Tivo is also picking up Action, a show I loved that was cancelled all too soon, and that makes me very happy. It's not on often, but whenever Tivo records it is a good day.

Going home to meat loaf now.


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