the baby with the terrible name


Why is it we only use the metric system in this country when we're measuring how far a woman's cervix is open, when she's going to have a baby? I Never hear "centimeters" unless it's followed by "dilated", and frankly, if I never hear those two words together again, I will be immensely grateful. My boss's daughter had her baby over the weekend, and all over the office (as he is trolling around, telling the story) I am hearing "centimeters dilated", and thinking, 'groce, enough already'. His daughter in law is also pregnant and due to birth in a couple of weeks, so I have many more "centimeters dilated" to look forward to, I'm sure.

Also, the boss's daughter named her baby a terrible name, and one I will not post here because it's so unusual it endangers the privacy of my diary, should the boss decide to google it. It rhymes with Tosser and will surely be paired with Tosser when he's a teenager, poor kid. Before that there are many other taunting names which will be thrown at him by his peers, and I bet he doesn't get too far in school before he begs to go by his middle name.

It's all too much. We still have snow on the ground, though most of the roads are clear, and most people came to work today. It's not that cold today, which is too bad because I was wanting to steal and use Stephen Colbert's line from last night's Daily Show, "Oh for a witch's tit with which to warm myself"--that man is funny, as is the Daily Show lately; it's killing me over here. Speaking of tv that's killing me, did you see the Little Stevie show on Monday night? The pet names and the kiss he made her give him were fantastic--the kid really knows how to make that stupid girl cringe. But then, Stevie grew up with a psychologist for a father, so he probably picked up tips on how to analyze people and use it to his advantage. Go Stevie go!

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