Downward Dog done me wrong


I did something ridiculous this morning. I was convinced my boss was going to delegate something to me that is NOT my job (since, after all, he has no idea what I do), so I hid in my closet. [my office has a closet because our building is an old house] After about 30 seconds in there, though, I came to my senses and realized I was being stupid, and came out to face the music. And so far he hasn't delegated the thing to me; we'll see what happens. It's so hard to be an adult sometimes.

Our office took someone to lunch today; a candidate for our open position. It was a good lunch until the conversation turned to sororities (my college didn't even have sororities, or fraternities) and then to sports. For 20 minutes they talked sports and I could not have been more bored. Even if I'd wanted to join in the conversation I couldn't have, because I don't know the people they were talking about. I tried to figure out a happy place in my brain, where I could go, and I decided France would be my new happy place. Haven't figured out exactly where in France yet, but I will.

So I'm leaving soon, to straighten the house and do some dinner things, before Ruby comes over. Still kind of nervous but I think it'll be really fun.

This morning I got up early, even though I didn't want to because it was cold in the house and warm in the bed, and did yoga. Since then I've had this ache in my left shoulderblade, and it's not constant. It aches for two seconds and stops for two seconds, lather rinse repeat. All day long. It's not agonizing or anything, but it's definitely annoying. I just know it was the Downward Dog that caused it. I will never like that pose.

Yeah, so West Wing wasn't on last night, which was disappointing, but I was really tired so I went to bed early. Apparently I snored a bit at the beginning of my sleep. Francisco woke me to inform me of the snoring, which seemed a little unfair, as only the night before he had snored for half an hour and I didn't wake Him. But whatever. Then at almost midnight Esther coughed and I got up to get her a pill, but I swear I was mostly asleep. I was worrying today, because my thyroid pills are right next to her prednesone, and even though the bottles are different colors, and the pills themselves look completely different, what if someday I got up to give her a pill and I was mostly asleep and gave her the wrong one? It would kill her for sure. I think I need to move my pills somewhere else, but I don't know where because the place they are now helps me remember to take them. I know I gave her the right one last night, but I remember my hand hovering over the wrong bottle. That gives me the shivers; I Definitely need to move my pills.

Do you ever stretch your neck by bending your head to one side, but instead of a gentle stretching you hear a really loud pop from your spine? That's kind of worrisome.

The weather really stinks today. It's raining and is pretty cold--only in the mid 30's. I'm not a fan of this, people. I desperately want to move back to Seattle, but I sort of wish Seattle would move to the equator first, because I like the warm weather. I want to grow tropical fruits in my backyard. I want to use a hammock, year round. I want to wear light cotton sundresses, all the time. Seattle doesn't offer these things in its current location, and I think it would be nice for Seattle to relocate. Don't you?

I'm going home to do my things.


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