bad day in black shirt


I'm having a REALLY hard day today. Last night Francisco started graveyard shift, and I'm experiencing an adjustment problem with that, and last night we found out the house that we've been asking to see (second viewing) for two full weeks has just had an offer put on it. This puts my Suspicion Gland into overdrive with the idea that our realtor stalled us on purpose because she had other clients interested in the place. I'm trying not to feel too betrayed, since I don't know if that's what happened, but right now it's not easy. I liked that house kind of a lot, and I especially hoped we could see it again soon so if we wanted it we could buy it and move ASAP, because Francisco's need to sleep during the day is going to be problematic in our tiny rental house. Everything I do when he sleeps sounds too loud, particularly since he has to leave the bedroom door open a little because if it's closed the cats will scratch on it (not restful). Another hard thing today is a coworker is out and that means extra desk time for me, and I have stuff to do that's keeping me from doing other stuff, and two out of the four people who are supposed to be working on files appear to think that all those files are there for ME to do,

And speaking of coworkers, have you ever worked with someone you liked as a person but hated as a coworker? I'm having that problem lately. Fun person, but spends several hours per day IMing a friend and buying things on Ebay instead of working, which in turn means more that I have to do. I could rat her out but I'm actually afraid she'd get fired (she's been in dutch with the boss for years now) and she has 3 great kids who I don't want to see adversely affected. So there's that today in addition to my already extremely depressed mood, and all I really want to do is quit this rotten job and be a housewife, but if we're ever going to buy a house I can't see that working out too well. Last night after getting the news about the house we wanted to look at again, our realtor sent us a new listing, and the pictures made me cry, though to be fair I had already been crying a little. Francisco held me as I sobbed, "I don't WANT to live in that house! It's HORRIBLE! I don't even want to look at it in person, I HATE it!" He said he hated it too and sent the realtor an email to say we don't want to see it. He's a good man.

The only thing that has helped today is this photo which I'm using as my new computer desktop. There aren't many pictures that could knock my beloved niece, Amelie, off my desktop, but this one made the cut, and it's a good thing because I need it today. And something to look forward to is seeing our other nieces tonight while their parents go out to celebrate their somethingth anniversary. Yay! If anyone can cheer me up, Baby Frances can. I mean, Lou is a cheerer-upper too, but Baby Frances is just funnier right now with her whole irrational crazy two year old behavior.

Okay, thanks for listening. My lunch hour is over now and I feel sort of ready to get back to work, now that I've talked to my internet friends. Y'all are the BEST.




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