attic baking experiment


Phew! I just went into the office attic to get a box of big envelopes, and (not surprisingly) it is Really hot up there. I decided we need to do an experiment next week, wherein we try to actually bake something in the attic. I'm going to get some cheap-ass cake mix, make it up first thing in the morning, and stick it in the attic. I think if it's up there all day, it might actually bake. If it works, we're still not going to want to eat the results, because it's very dusty up there and I'm sure there are mice as well, but I just want to see what happens. I don't know why we don't try these kinds of things more often.

I will have you all know that I'm boycotting The Terminal, due to it being clearly inspired by a true story, and the fact that no one is admitting this must mean they don't want to pay that poor man for any part of his story. Doesn't he have enough troubles? I should note that I don't like Tom Hanks very much anyway, so it's not a strain to boycott the movie, but it's the principle of the thing.

Last night when I was trying to fall asleep, I had a vision. This vision was of a future house of ours, with poured concrete floors and a large open living area. The vision further encompassed having furniture on wheels so that it could all be pushed into the middle of the large open living area, to free up a circular path around the circumference of the room. The vision concluded with the purchase of a number of pairs of roller skates, in various sizes, from a defunct roller rink, plus a disco ball and some spotlights. I leave you to piece this vision together for yourselves, and should this multi-part vision come to pass, those of you who are our friends should expect to be invited to what we will undoubtedly call 'All Skate' nights. It will be a thing of beauty.

I've gotten the yen to take bellydancing lessons. I had thought about this before, a couple of years ago, but (as is my way) didn't actually do anything about it. I think the time has come to allow this belly to let it follow its obvious path, and Dance. I also would like to take tapdancing lessons someday, since Francisco's sister makes it look so fun, but the bellydancing will need to come first.

This morning I heard a song, sort of experimental in nature, that contained a sample (or whatever) of some guy lecturing, and something he said made me stop what I was doing and think a little. He said, "we ascribe to God the highest values that we have", and I'm not sure why that gave me pause, except that I think it's true, though I will probably interpret that statement differently than someone who believes in God.

Earlier today I was listening to the radio (YOU know what station--I am discontinuing my radio station evangelism) and was engaging in a little chair dancing, when I suddenly realized that the chair dancing must make me look like a muppet. It's good no one can see into my office from their offices, because I'm going to keep on doing it.

The boss emailed everyone a little while ago to say that he's hired the woman candidate we all liked, and I'm very surprised because I was Sure he was going to hire Golf Boy. I guess it's possible he offered the job to GB and he didn't take it, but the boss isn't saying. This is very good news for our office; the position is a sort of specialized job that none of the rest of us know anything about, and this woman can start and get some training from our boy coworker before he leaves. The best possible outcome, for sure.

This weekend I will be very busy with several things (I have a whole list, but I won't bore you), none of which are working here at this office. The t-shirts are definitely on the list, as are chores and some light shopping. We have a couple of good Netflix to watch, as well. Ooh! The last two nights we watched what I think was originally a miniseries from the BBC--Lady Chatterley (the DH Lawrence story, obviously), and I will say this about it: It was HOT. I haven't read that book for years and years, and I don't remember Lady Chatterley and Mellors having such an odd relationship, but that's probably just my faulty memory letting me down again. Anyway, also this weekend, I want to take Francisco out for breakfast on Sunday for Father's Day, since Boy isn't here to honor him in any way (he's having fun at camp, by the way). So that's our weekend. You?


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