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I forgot to tell you previously, but Francisco and I are going to take Tae Kwon Do, starting a week from today. I am excited but also nervous. The nervous comes from knowing eventually I will be punching and kicking people, in class (what with the sparring), and that's not something I've done before. Also, taking a martial art will present me with So many opportunities to look stupid, which is a shallow thing, but true. So those are the reasons for my nervous, but I've found that the things that scare me are generally the things that turn out to be the most rewarding, when I make myself do them. Something that helps me be a little less scared about the class is we're taking it from the guy who teaches Boy's afterschool Tae Kwon Do, and that guy is terrific. I trust him and his teaching abilities and I think he'll be great to learn from. So there you go.

Slow day today, and I'm liking it, but it means little to report at this time. I should have gone out today to a local bookstore where they're selling tickets for Friday night's Drag Bingo, but I forgot to go. And I'm not positive Francisco wants to go anyway, but I hope to talk him into it, because Tammy Faye will be guest hosting and singing! I mean, can you Imagine a better Friday night?

I packed all our cookies and candies and brought them to work today where they are slowly but surely being consumed. God bless us all, every one. My scale gave me some sad news this morning, thus driving home to me what a bad idea it was to eat candy and cookies in the first place, so I'm glad they won't be around to tempt me anymore.

That's about all, kittens.


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