goodBYE rotten week


This is a week I'll be glad to see the ass end of, if you don't mind me saying so. It's been super busy all week and I've not slept as well as I usually do, and also the night before last I apparently slept weirdly because I got a pulled muscle in my neck and am having to do that turning the whole torso thing to look from side to side. I lifted weights at the gym on Wednesday morning and am very sore and weak and pitiful. I went to the gym again this morning (cardio only) because going to the gym 3 times this week is one of my Catie goals and by god I'm going to see it through. I can't tell you how helpful having Catie as an Accountability Friend has been for me--I'm doing way more than I would be without her, for sure. Having my coworker Greg as another Accountability Friend hasn't been really all that helpful because he hasn't finished his goal from last week and has been dodging me this week because of that. I'm still doing the goals I decided on using with him, though, except scanning the picture of my mom, as it turns out to be in storage, Dammit.

So far today I have eaten:

1 Clif bar -- oatmeal and raisin flavor
1 baby bel
tiny amount of roasted and salted soybeans (2 tablespoons maybe)
very small slice of watermelon
small amount of leftover soup from the Thai place (had dinner there last night)
couple small handfuls of grape tomatoes
4 whole wheat raspberry bars

That last thing wasn't originally on the menu, but I went to the hippy grocery during my lunch hour (had to get OUT of this horrendous office) for sunflower seeds and quinoa, and was unable to resist. Truth be told, I didn't try too hard to resist; I'm very hungry today and have not swallowed oil. I rationalized the raspberry bars by thinking at least they're not the chocolate bars that were near them and hey, whole wheat! and fruit! You can see how those concepts could be persuasive.

Tonight after work Francisco and I are going to a surprise party for Christina that her daughters and girlfriend are throwing. It was her birthday yesterday so this is a 4th 39th birthday party. I think it'll be fun but I don't believe I'll want to stay late; baby, I am TIRED.

Early tomorrow morning Francisco is taking Sharky to a soccer teammate's house and the soccer teammate's parent is driving them to a tournament on the west side that's taking place tomorrow and Sunday. They're staying overnight (the teammate's parent is staying too), so our contribution is money for gas and food and their hotel. I feel some guilt about not going to the tournament myself, but I also feel like I really don't want to. We were away from home the last two weekends and will be away next weekend, and there are things that need to be done. I won't bore you with a list, it's just that with both of us working full time now, too many things are going undone, and I don't like it. So that's my plan for the weekend: Do things.

I hope your weekend is full of happy things: Kittens and cupcakes and walking barefoot through sand, or something like that.




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