what about apprisen?


Under no circumstances should you do the following: Mix peanut butter and angel flake coconut together and eat it. The reason you should not do this is because it is super delicious but is v. high in fat and etc. I wouldn't have thought to mix these two things on my own, but I was rereading Amy Sedaris' book and this concoction was in the "Munchies" section. Learn from my mistakes, friends; nobody needs that many calories except starving people, and I have to assume none of you are starving or you wouldn't be shelling out money for the internet.

So, there's something living in our garage that's large enough to tear a big hole in the backyard cats' food bag (which I keep in the garage), and I had assumed it was a rodent of unusual size (rat) but then my boss suggested it could be a skunk. How a skunk would get into the garage is a mystery, but my boss says it's happened to her, so now I'm no longer considering the plan of letting Lucy into the garage to deal with the intruder. Of our two cats, she is the one most likely to kill something, but I don't want her injured or sprayed. Probably I'll get some kind of chew-proof container to put the food in and hopefully that will make the intruder move on. Though I sure wouldn't mind getting a picture of it first, just for documentary purposes.

Things at home were feeling pretty doable yesterday, but then the mail came, bringing a progress report for Sharky's math class. He is failing every aspect of math right now, including the simple turning in of assignments--he's only submitted 62% of his homework to date, and he's probably failed half the assignments he HAS turned in. We'd gotten a progress report for his English class a week or so ago, and he has a D in that, currently, which did not bode well, since English has always been his best subject. Predictably, this experiment with letting him manage his own school stuff is not working out. He already knows if he fails even one class (as of the end of the 9 week grade period), the experiment is off, but I'm not sure he knows just how far we're prepared to go to enforce that he pass his classes. I have written him a letter (left it on his bed when I was home for lunch) to explain again why we want him to pass (and graduate) and what he can expect if we need to take over the monitoring of his schoolwork, so that he is fully informed, and in hopes that it will motivate him to do better. I've found that delivering these notifications in writing is more effective than telling him verbally, because when I speak to him about anything that's not trivial, I can practically hear his brain clicking off (the on/off switch is activated by eye rolling). In the letter I tried to also encourage him to do better for his own sake, and because he is smart enough to do better and to accomplish a lot of things in his life, so I hope it will come across that I care about him and am not just trying to make his life unhappy. But we'll see.

I hadn't apprised [spell checker wants me to replace that with "apprized"--is spell checker correct??] Francisco of this math class development when he called last night, because Shark was sitting next to me while Francisco and I talked, so Francisco if you get internet access and are reading this, Hello! And try not to worry. It's not working for me, the not worrying, but you should give it a go anyway.

Two other things: I somehow lost my sunglasses, which is crazy because I NEVER lose things, and 2) I'm making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. You have been warned.

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