Okay, so I was a little wrong about getting the keys to our house yesterday. We signed all our paperwork, but because we only just found out the total amount of money we need to pay right now (down payment plus closing costs), we didn't have a cashier's check to hand over, so the sale is not quite done. We signed a document requesting that our lender (a credit union at which we have our savings account) electronically wire the necessary funds to the title company, and that will finalize the deal. The paperwork was couriered over the pass today to our lender, so probably we'll get the keys tomorrow, which is when we thought we'd get them in the first place. It's all going according to plan, but oh how I want those keys!

This morning I finally touched one of the wild kittens, and oddly enough it was the most skittish one--I call him Matisse. He has always kept his distance but today he apparently got so excited that I was bringing canned tuna (not an everyday occurrence) that he charged in and started eating before I was completely finished putting the tuna on the plate. I figured as long as he was right there I might as well touch while the touching was good, so I did, and he backed away in alarm, but he didn't run. Progress!

Today during lunch I went home and snuck in like a burglar (so as not to wake Francisco) to get our most recent pay stubs, which needed to be faxed to our lender to completely finalize the loan (I found this out today after I had written the first paragraph), and then I went back to work via a good shop where I was able to purchase small boxes in which to ship the ornaments I made for my exchanges. Still working on the ornament hanging system, but if I have the boxes, the hanging system is sure to follow. I will devise something tonight; I really want to get the exchanges squared away ASAP so I can start painting in our new house. We're thinking maybe a green tea color for the living room and some version of orange for the kitchen. Our bedroom and the guest bedroom are still undecided, as is the main bathroom, but there's so little wall space in there it hardly matters. I want to paint the house wall of the sun porch a turquoise or aquamarine color--is that weird? I won't do that until spring, at least, so I have awhile to decide on a color.

HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE that's all I ever talk about anymore. But don't worry, eventually I'll get tired of talking about it, though probably that will happen in the spring, when my chatter will change to GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN. You have been warned.

So, I bought 3 more cameras this weekend. The first is a Kodak instant camera, purchased because it is so chunky and utilitarian looking (at a thrift store, $2). The second is a Kodak Duaflex, which was my splurge from an antique store: $16. The shutter works but what I want it for is for taking digital pictures through its viewfinder--the lense is nice and clear. The last camera is another massive and stylish Polaroid (like the 80B I picked up awhile back), and it set me back $6 (hello OVERPRICED--there is no film made for this camera anymore). I may have forgotten to tell you that at some point a couple of months ago I started buying cameras for purely decorative purposes. I have found a number of beauties and am well on my way to needing a glass-front cabinet, which is sort of unfortunate but sort of not. I don't know what compels me to get them, but something, that's for sure.

Last night after Francisco got up and started getting ready for work, I went on a quick vacuum/recycle/fold clean laundry spree which only took 30 minutes or so but made me feel a lot less stressed. This morning I accidentally slept until 6:40 (usually get up around 5:30) so I had a lot less time for getting ready (and NO time for sitting with coffee while watching television), but I felt SO well rested that it was worth it. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early, though, because I really like getting that alone time.

Also last night (before Francisco's pre-work nap) we clipped the cats' claws, which was way overdue. See also: the many tiny love scratches on my legs from flexy cuddling Esther. We started with Lucy because if she sees us clipping Esther she'll hide, and we had her burritoed up in a towel and about half clipped when the phone rang. Francisco went to answer it while I kept the towel firmly around the prisoner. He was on the phone for five minutes at least, while Lucy's menacing growling rose and fell in pitch and had reached "Seriously I will murder you" level when he finally came back. We finished and loosened the towel and she shot out with one last growl, but like always she forgave me and wanted to be petted half an hour later. Cats, man. Lucy has also recently been letting out big mouthed meows, like a LOT, and that's so unlike her. Usually she meows like that from someplace else in the house than where we are, and when I call her she comes in, but then it starts over. I suspect her thyroid might be going hyper (I've heard that cats sometimes take up loud meowing with hyper thyroids), but her bloodwork from her last checkup (in the late spring) was normal.

Photo of the Day: Nice. This makes me laugh.

Going home now to try and invent some dinner.




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