I'm at Mini's [it was absolute hell getting here, just so you know--loads of delays and whatnot] and have fallen hard for my adorable baby niece. I didn't realize just how in love with her I was until last night, when suddenly I was ready to hit a stranger in the head for being stupid. Mini and Non had a friend (the stranger in question) come over who, I will admit, I took an immediate dislike to and I'm not even sure why--probably a premonition. Anyway, this woman has a 5 month old, who was with her, and when we sat down to dinner my niece was fussy and didn't want to be in her swing. She was crying, and the friend was saying Mini shouldn't pick her up, right? Under the premise that the baby was fine and just unhappy that she wasn't being held, and Mini was unsure whether she should pick her up or not. Friend was being a bit of a know it all, and I was annoyed about that, and bothered that my niece was so upset, so when Mini picked her up I was relieved. Mini was going to check her diaper but I volunteered instead, since I was pretty done listening to the friend. It was dirty but the poor baby was so upset from having already cried for a couple of minutes that she was absolutely screaming while I was changing her. After she was clean and I picked her back up, she calmed down and then *I* got upset that the stupid friend was acting like a big expert when she had only been a parent for 5 months. It turned out the baby was also hungry, because she was frustrated with her pacifier, and she ate the whole bottle of breastmilk Mini then heated for her, so friend definitely didn't know what she was talking about and that's when I wanted to punch her in the head. To wrap this story up, I love my niece and would go to war for her, and as for Mini and Non's friend, I hate her and I hate her ass FACE.

Missy the dog is very sweet in general, and also where the baby is concerned. She wants to lick the baby when the baby is crying, and the first full day I was here (Sunday), if I was holding the baby when Mini wasn't in the room, Missy would watch me and get up and follow me if I was walking the baby around. Her expression was definitely one of "where are you going with her? should you be doing that?". I like how protective she is.

Other than talking endlessly about the baby, which I totally could, I would like to report that there was a nun on my plane from Seattle to Dallas on Saturday, which inexplicably made me feel better about flying. I would also like to report that the movie on that flight was Wild Hogs; I did not purchase a headset. I Did sort of watch the movie without sound, and I don't know if you've seen that movie, but toward like the 2/3 mark there's a scene where John Travolta's character gives William H. Macy's character a short dance lesson so he can ask some chick to dance. Naturally after he asks the chick to dance and she accepts, they dance really well and whatnot, and [this is what I've been leading up to this whole time] I heard some woman a few rows behind me say, in a very exasperated tone, "Oh sure, after a FIVE MINUTE DANCE LESSON!". And I started giggling because I was thinking, "Really? After ALL the unrealistic things that have happened, it's the dancing that bothers you?" People are funny, though possibly this story was not. You would prefer I list, in excruciating detail, all the things my niece does that are cute? Because I'll do it--I will pull this car over to the side of the road and tell you all about her.

I know you can't tell, but it's taken me hours to write this entry. I started it while Mini was napping and Niece was sleeping, but then Niece woke up and wanting changing/feeding/burping. She's asleep again and Mini's up, so I could ... aaaaaaaaaaaand now Niece is awake again and I'm holding her, typing with one hand and Ill talk to you later.




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