the all clear


I just got a call from Doctor's nurse about my follow-up mammogram and ultrasound that I had last Friday, and I'm A-okay. I have some cysts and I guess one in particular on the right side that looked weird, and actually I have to go back in 6 months for another right side ultrasound, to make sure it hasn't changed or become alarming. But it's benign, which is a huge relief, because just between you and me, Internet, I had gotten rather worried about the whole thing, even though I had vowed to remain calm and stoic. Now I can start sleeping again! Although, Esther has been making sleeping a challenging enterprise. She's started sleeping on the bed after months of sleeping elsewhere (most recently on the rug in front of the front door--we've been calling it her pallet), but she basically wants to sleep where *I'm* sleeping, like so:

sleeping arrangement

One of these days I have Got to learn to use Microsoft Paint properly. But you get the idea--Esther takes over my spot and I end up wedged between her and Francisco in a sort of diagonal arrangement. Not conducive to good slumber, I can tell you. This morning I tried to reclaim some of my real estate and Esther meowed, loud and cranky, so I told her, "Fuck off, you ASSHOLE", and then I felt bad even though she doesn't speak English. I put my arm around her and she sort of sprawled out over my arm and purred and we fell in love again. Lord I am tired.

Now that I don't have to think about my breasts anymore, I will have to think about making an appointment with my dentist, to investigate the extreme tooth sensitivity I've developed over the past couple of weeks. It's my baby tooth, which does not bode well, and probably in the nearish future me and Old Baby will have to part ways, but I don't relish the idea because I have two options for filling Old Baby's position, and neither are pleasant. 1) Get orthodonture, again. This would have the added benefit of re-shoving my eye teeth back from where they moved out after my teenage orthodonture, but it would require probably at least several months of discomfort and also who knows how long with a retainer afterwards, so I'm not real excited about it. 2) The dentist drills into my bone to implant some kind of holding device for a fake tooth. Ouch! The pain! Sadness! Check writing! Where has all my money gone?! But then it's over, so really this option is probably the front runner. I will see if the dentist has any kind of unexpected permanent third option, but it seems unlikely. And, I will no doubt procrastinate on this whole thing until the tooth sensitivity gets a lot more worrisome, so don't hold your breath for updates, even though I'm sure you're totally riveted by The Fascinating Drama of Eva's Imperiled Baby Tooth.

In other news, I'm having lunch with my new friend, Jason, today. We're going to the Japanese restaurant that makes a person's clothes smell like restaurant for the rest of the day. Should be fun even despite the lingering stench problem. Also, right now I'm making the world's cutest hat, from Boutique Knits that Francisco surprise ordered me a few weeks ago. I'm using some Lamb's Pride bulky that my mom gave me a couplefew years ago, and so far I love how it's turning out. I had to downsize two needle sizes to get the gauge, and I don't know why I don't just automatically do that when I make my gauge swatches; it would save me a lot of time. Okay, end knitting talk.

Actually, end talk in general. I don't have time to write more, and even if I did it would be stuff like the last paragraph--how many tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers we have in the garden, how great the weather's been, how busy work has been, etc. So we will just stop here.




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