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I've got the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' in my head today--saw the video this morning and it's on continuous play in my brain. I really need to get that album.

This morning I called to make an appointment with my doctor for my annual exam (YES, I was going to do that at least a couple months ago, and didn't) and even just making an appointment to see the doctor made my heart all poundy and gave me the scared stomach. What kind of freak gets panicky just Calling the doctors' office?! I really need to get over this phobia thing; it's ridiculous. I also checked to be sure my cholesterol and thyroid blood test orders were in the computer, and they were, so I'll go in a week before my appointment and get those done. Today is my day to accomplish things I have put off for one reason or another. I started by emailing a friend who I'm pretty sure is mad at me for being unreliable, and that was a hard email to write. After that I figured I should get All the hard things done today, because it will feel good to have them out of the way; hence the doctor appointment. I also called Human Resources with 3 questions and 2 out of 3 of those are answered now--waiting for a callback on the 3rd. And I cleaned out the junk drawer in my desk, so there you go. Work has been pretty slow today so far, and I'm enjoying that.

Let's talk television. West Wing was good on Wednesday night. I don't watch Friends but Matthew Perry's WW character is sure a lot different from the Friends guy, and I like him in the role. I guess he's only on WW for a few episodes, but that's too bad--he should ditch Friends and do WW instead. I've watched Survivor the last two weeks but haven't mentioned it, and basically I was happy that Christy and Matthew were still on there, because they are definitely the oddball underdogs and I always like the underdog, but then Matthew had to go and vote Christy off, and I didn't like that. So really I don't want any of them to win, though I guess Matthew would still be my preference, because he's still an oddball.

I talked to my friend Isabel last night and that was fun. Her kids are always caterwauling in the background, and it's funny. Usually I will talk to them each for a minute or so, and it is clear they think I'm very boring. Kids don't try to hide that kind of thing, which is also funny. Tonight Boy is spending the night at a friend's, so Francisco and I will drink some wine and watch some Buffy and play 'Milkmaid and Fireman', so it'll be a good night. I've got a few things left to finish up at work and then I'm going home to let the games begin. No big weekend plans at this point, but maybe I'll Finally get that damn fig tree and plant it. That project has been pending way too long.

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