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Okay, we're all being forced to write personal evaluations of our job performances for the past academic year. I quickly figured out that I would be lying on just about every question they asked, because to tell the truth would be to reveal that I don't give a shit about my job. And this evaluation is going to my boss's boss, so I couldn't just tell the truth. However, I did let some truth sneak into my evaluation, as seen in the following question and my answer:

Q--What do you consider to be the personal strengths you bring to our office?

A--My personal strengths include attention to detail and good communication skills, as well as an almost godlike level of tact with parents and students. I think the most helpful thing I contribute to the office is whimsy and occasional smart-assery during times of overwhelming stress. I also introduced the “15 Minute Rave” to the office this past year, and though we’ve all been too busy to make it a regular thing, it was at least a bit of fun in the midst of our April stress.

This answer will stand, dammit. I don't care What my boss says when he reviews it before sending it to his boss.

And on a completely different subject, I have a whole new appreciation for rice cakes and popcorn cakes. Not eating gluten makes it tough to find a vehicle for peanut butter or cheese, but rice and popcorn cakes fill that niche perfectly. They're not that delicious alone, but with peanut butter or cheese or meat? Very good. I especially like putting cheese on cheese-flavored popcorn cakes, because can a girl really get too much cheese flavor? I think not.

I didn't have rice or popcorn cakes for lunch, though. Instead I had some leftover chili from the batch Francisco made yesterday. He started it Saturday night and shoved it in the crockpot to cook overnight, and every time I woke up I smelled it and it smelled better than the time before. Our friends came over for lunch yesterday and we had the chili and some tortilla chips and a caesar salad. Simple but good.

Last week Francisco bought me a couple of cds I'd been whining for, including The Best of James, which Budgie the tour guide played a lot, and which I came to associate with rocketing around the Scottish countryside. I think this cd is a very good souvenir of my Scotland trip. Oh, one funny thing about Budgie and music, the Sunday during our tour, one of the Australian girls bought a newspaper that included a free music cd, and she asked Budgie to play it, in the van. He started looking at the song list and making fun of it and she asked him to PLEASE play it, and he said, "I'm going to play it, but I need to whinge about it first". So he played it, and with one or two exceptions, it was Not good music, but most of the tour group had great fun singing along, just to torture Budgie. It was especially fun to watch him driving with grim-set shoulders while we all belted out some Billy Joel nonsense or what have you. It was joyous. He had his revenge later--he put on a radio station (can't actually remember what kind of music it was) that had us begging for mercy. Fun day.

Two things to recommend. 1) Rescue Me, the new Denis Leary tv show. Minired recommended it to us, and she was so right. Very good, very snappy, and Denis Leary is surprisingly good in his role. 2) ReadyMade--the magazine. Our friend lent me some of hers on Friday night and I will totally be subscribing. There are so many cool things to make, and the projects in there inspire ideas for other projects. I like that.

I forgot to say last week, but when I got back from vacation, my boy coworker had left his old stapler on my desk with a note that said, "Eva, Here's my stapler. I found it in the woods. I thought you might like to have it as a keepsake. - Aaron". This is, of course, the stapler I tried to put in jello and then threw into the woods in a fit of rage when it didn't work and the jello got all over the passenger seat that morning. I put the stapler back in the supply closet but kept the note.

Better do some more work.


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