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Do you know, I really have nothing to tell you today, Internet. I've thought about it and there's just.....nothing. Therefore I would like to reiterate the rules for determining right-of-way at a 4 way stop.


It's very simple: When you pull up to a 4 way stop, observe the vehicles that are already there. Those people get to go before you, and then it's your turn. If you arrive at the same time as another vehicle, you get to go first if the vehicle is to the left of you, but if it is to the right of you, then you go after that vehicle. I would particularly like to stress that if you arrive at the stop after I do but think your car is faster or that your destination is more important than mine, or if you're running late? That does NOT give you the right-of-way, and in fact I'm getting pretty damn sick of people stealing my right-of-way, and soon if you jet out into the intersection when it's not your turn, almost hitting my car in the process, something bad is going to happen. To you. These helpful instructions have been brought to you by Taser International.

Songs of the Day:

So Long, Farewell -- Max Tundra, at Fluxblog. If you like both electronic music and 'The Sound of Music', this song's for you.

Fitzgerald -- How Far North, at My Old Kentucky Blog. I really like this.

Petra Haden -- Thriller, at Dreams of Horses. HOLY. CRAP.

Til tomorrow, then.

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